Last fall, my girlfriend and I packed up all our stuff into storage and went backpacking across South East Asia to film and test out the Kosan Travel Pack system. Before we left, we went shopping at our local outdoor adventure store. She was looking for versatile clothing pieces that she could easily pack and wear multiple ways. She was mainly looking for travel-friendly dresses; however, she sadly was met with disappointment. As most of the options we did find, were designed to camp in not travel in, not to mention the unflattering fit, the lack of functionality and lack of diversity in our choices.

Frustrated we left the store and continue our hunt online. That’s when we saw that we were not alone in our pursuit, but there were thousands of women who were also searching for travel dresses online only to be met with the same unflattering results.

That’s when the idea for the Kosan Go Travel Dress hit, and my co-founder, Karyna and I sat down to come up with a list of things that would be needed in the perfect travel dress. We went back and forth on so many different ideas because we genuinely wanted to develop a travel dress with you and your needs entirely in mind. We thought about what you would be doing in that dress. What type of fabric did you need that dress to be? What features did you need that dress to have (pockets were a must obviously). And lastly what style was going to be the most flattering.

So, we picked for our first dress, a classic wrap style, and we think it’s beautiful. We thought the wrap style dress is the perfect style for travel because you are able to adjust it however you like, completely dependent on how you are feeling: A little looser so you can eat that much more during the day or a little tighter for a fun night out, but no matter what, you will always look amazing.

Some of the details we wanted to highlight were:

  • The fabric has four-way stretch, the same kind of stretch material that would be in your favourite a pair of yoga pants is in our travel dress. So that means it moves with you as you get in and out of taxis or tuk-tuks.
  • The fabric is anti-odour. We hope you are going to be on the move a lot on your travels, and that means you might be pretty active all day, so we’ve picked a special fabric that is anti-stink. You could practically do a workout in this dress.
  • The fabric is wrinkle resistant. You probably are not going to be bringing a portable steamer, so we made the travel dress anti-wrinkle for easy care.
  • The dress is quick drying, so if you got wet from an unexpected sprinkling, you wouldn't stay soaked, and if there were any mishaps, you could quickly wash it.
  • The dress has pockets galore, a handbag or purse might not be practical at parts during your trip or altogether not functional, so we’ve put several hidden pockets to stash whatever you need.
  • You can wear it five different ways. We felt like the perfect travel dress needed to be versatile, so we found a way to make it convertible, so you could wear it to a temple and then change the length to shorten it up in the heat of the day. The snaps are easy to do and hidden. It’s our favourite feature and a great way to wear your dress in several different ways.

To sum it all up, this does all of the things and then some. So if you are looking to bring a travel dress or dresses with you on your trip, we hope you will bring the Kosan Travel Dress and support us by pre-ordering on Kickstarter today.