Adult Bamboo Cotton Reusable Mask
Adult Bamboo Cotton Reusable Mask

Adult Bamboo Cotton Reusable MaskBamboo, Ultra-soft & Breathable

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These non-medical protective masks are made at home in Canada. Our masks are constructed with a double layer of ultra-soft, breathable bamboo cotton. We’ve engineered soft and adjustable ear straps to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. It is reusable and washable, and has a built in pocket that can be used to add a disposable filter if desired (not included with purchase).

DELIVERY NOTICE: Orders will be sent out from our warehouse within 1-3 business days. Please note that shipping timelines estimated at check-out are not guaranteed due to carrier delays related to COVID-19.

SIZING: One size adult mask. The masks are unisex (male/female) and have adjustable ear straps for a more comfortable fit.


Exterior/Lining: 66% Bamboo Rayon, 28% Cotton, 6% Spandex

Made in Canada.


Washing Instructions:

Machine wash 40°C or lower. Tumble dry low (55°C or lower) or hang dry. Do not iron, bleach or dry clean

IMPORTANT NOTE: These items are not eligible for exchange/return due to sanitary reasons.

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Doing our part.

Internationally, medical protective gear is in short supply as demand grows. We are working with our network of suppliers and factories to help source medical grade equipment for professionals working on the front line in Canada and the US.

At the same time, we also wanted to build on our experience and offer a non medical grade protective solution for our community and the public. So we partnered with a local factory here in Vancouver to produce reusable, washable and adjustable masks.


This protective mask features adjustable ear loops that make it both comfortable and adaptable.

Multi Layer

Each mask comes equipped with two layers, with the potential of the third if you add in a filter into the pocket. The two layers are made with a flexible ultra-soft, breathable bamboo cotton.

Reusable &

When designing this mask, we wanted to ensure it was both reusable and washable. You can wash your mask in hot water after each use, and then throw it in the dryer.


Both layers of this reusable and washable mask are made with ultra-soft bamboo cotton. It offers added comfort so that you can wear your mask for extended periods of time.


Our reusable masks are designed with adjustable ear loops and a moulded, high coverage fit to ensure your comfort.


Breathability is one of the most important factors when it comes to masks. Our fabrics offer superior breathability, while still offering protection.

Why wear a mask?

The CDC recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain ( stores), and in areas of significant community-based transmission. They also advise to use simple cloth face coverings to slow the spread of the virus, to help people who may be asymptomatic and do not know they are transmitting to others.

Important Note: Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth when removing your face covering. Wash your hands immediately after removing, and wash the covering.


How To Use


Before you put your mask on, place filter material inside the opening. Please note that our masks do not come with filters, as these are optional and not required.



Adjust the ear loops before wearing the mask and then unfold the mask. Position the nose of the mask on the center of your face, high on the bridge of your nose. Cover your chin with the mask, and pull on the ear loops.


Wash after every use and re-use. According to the CDC flu virus guidelines, clothing and reusable masks should be washed at a temperature of at least 167* (min. Temperature proven to kill the flu virus).

One for one.  

Michelle, a traveller in our community, reached out to us after our last e-mail blast. She works with a few NGOs in Nepal and the Himalayas region, and shared with how dire the situation is there. There is almost no access to any protective gear at all, and no support for those who need it most.

So, for every mask purchased, we will be donating medical grade surgical mask to someone in need in Nepal. These masks will be distributed in order of priority to health care workers, orphans and others in need. We will be sharing more info on this soon!

Building on our experience.

Our team has over 25+ years of experience in the apparel industry. We have established a strong, global network of suppliers and manufacturing partners. We have proven experience developing a wide range of products, producing everything from underwear to outerwear. We pride ourselves on offering high quality products that are built to last, using stringent quality control and testing methods.

When the COVID-19 crisis began, we started looking at ways that we could help. Given our knowledge of the apparel industry, we figured what better place to start than by providing comfortable, reusable masks for the general public!