This factory currently makes our Kosan Pack System. They are Japaense owned and are actually a paragliding equipment factory first and foremost - which is super cool to see in person. They also make a wide range of amazing bags, totes and backpacks for some of the worlds top brands. We have visited their Factories in Ho Chi Minh, Cu Chi and Tay Ninh Province. We’ve also had the privilege of enjoying a number of delicious meals, both home cooked and local, with their owner, Mr. Sadao Hangai, who is a mountaineering and paragliding legend in Japan! Charles, their GM, also visited us in Vancouver where we had a BIG night of Karaoke!

Established in 1992, this factory recently relocated to the Province of Tay Ninh, Vietnam. They focus on Paragliding equipment and bags. We recently visited the beautiful new factory they just built. Each time we visit we’re treated to a delicious lunch with all the workers in their Canteena. After lunch the workers played cards or took a siesta! Often, on our visits here (we’ve been 4x now) we head back into town on one one the company buses with the worker! They don’t speak much English but we all jam out over music (can you say Westlife!!)

How we got started together

When we decided to make our Travel Pack System we had never built a bag before and knew we had to work with a factory that had unparalleled expertise, yet would “hold our hands” through the process! Many factories don’t like working with a company that’s brand new to a product catagory as it means more prototypes for their sample room and inefficiencies in production. Aerotact’s team was quite the opposite! Not only did they welcome us to Saigon but were ready tp go above and beyond in helping us build the best damn travel bag. They insisted we stay in their homes, took us to all the local fabric markets and even invited us to the wedding of a team member where there was plenty of Karaoke! All in all, we stayed in Vietnam for over a month building this amazing bag with them!