CF Global



Hanoi, Vietnam

CF Global Corp.

Founded in 2012, founder Mr. Binh Do Thanh and his team has been making some of the worlds best jackets for years. Their factories use world class technology which has attracted some worlds most technical jacket brands. They currently have two facilities with a third one on the way. We produce our rain jacket and poncho at their factory in Dong La Industrial area in the Dong Hun District of the Thai Binh Province.

Originally, to build our rain jacket we reached out to one of Hanoi’s most famous and world renowned jacket makers. But alas, we were a little small for them! Our disappointment only lasted minutes as they were quick to introduce us to a few factories in the area that they were friendly with. After they’d made some us a few amazing prototypes of the jacket, we hopped on a plane to Hanoi to meet their team and finalize the details. Our trip there included a homemade lunch at the factory as well as Bun Cha and beers with the team downtown. They also gave us pointers on some of their favorite places to hang out in Hanoi - including the Old Quarter, West Lake and Bay Mau Lake!