Holiday Gift Guide

We can almost guarantee that all they want is travel, but for our part here our are favourite gifts to help inspire future adventures, and make life on the road easier and more enjoyable. This holiday season we created our Holiday Gift Guide by travel personality full of ideas that will make meaningful presents for your fellow world wanderers.

The Frequent Flyer

They seem to be on another flight as soon as they are home! They know how to fly efficiently, comfortably and in style and most likely have their next trip already booked.

(Why: Up your packing game with a new set of packing cubes. With the help of these cubes, which come in a variety of sizes for different packing needs, their suitcase will be more organized than ever. It’s the perfect gift for someone planning for their next big trip)

First-Time Travellers

Do you have a first time long-haul flight coming up? A little nervous about flying overseas? Concerned that you don’t know what you don’t know? Those are normal concerns for first-timers. Stick with Kosan and you’ll be a pro before you know it.

The Overpacker

Some call it overpacking, some call it being prepared or organized! While preparing for a trip, it’s easy to get in the habit of packing a few extra (OK, a lot of extra) items “just in case.” If you can’t seem to travel without an overstuffed bag, we’re here to help cure your bad packing habits forever. 

(Why: Not only is the Go Travel Rain Jacket lightweight, windproof and waterproof to take up less room in your packing and provide versatility for different locations, it folds into itself and doubles as a travel pillow, freeing up space for other items.)

The Soul Searcher

Some of us out there look to travel in order to discover ourselves. Traveling can be a transformative experience, a journey of self-discovery, a means of finding yourself or purpose in this life. For wherever you’re headed, these items are for the wanderlust soul.

(Why: Travelling is about learning and embracing other cultures. Travel with a beautiful piece of art on you with the Together We Stand Collection to signify that you want to learn about other people and celebrate our differences.)

The OG Traveller

By OG travellers, we mean the travellers who like their trips organized and well-planned. They partake in regular winter escapes to hot destinations and swear by their tour guides and city maps. They indulge in the typical tourist activities the location is known for to make the most out of their vacation!

(Why: These types of travellers are often working most of the year and lust over their little vacation time. Keep the fernweh alive or map out your travels with the Pinnable world map. Once you start to see the pins collect, signifying your travels you will remember why you are motivated everyday for your next trip.)