Shanghai Dragon Corp. currently makes our best selling Go Travel Dress. They are a very large, reputable company based in Shanghai and they have factories all over the world that specialize in producing different types of products. They are true experts in their field and work with world renowned brands. We first visited the factory back in December 2018, right before we started producing our first launch of the Go Travel Dress. We also visited back in March 2019 when production was underway. We can always count on, Arky, our main guy there, to take us out for a great meal in Shanghai!

How we got started together

When we originally developed the Go Travel Dress with Shanghai Dragon, we told them that we’d “maybe” produce a few thousand dresses. Then, following the enormous success of launching our Go Travel Dress on Kickstarter (that totally blew our minds by the way) we said to Arky, “Sorry but we actually need to quadruple our order and keep our delivery date!” Of course this was a good problem to have, however factories book their production way out in advance and we weren’t sure how we’d get it done. Our team flew to China twice, once to it figure out how to make everything work and then to check in on production. Since then Shanghai Dragon has became an awesome partner who is amazingly dedicated to helping Kosan become a world leader in travel apparel!