Handsome Garments Trading Ltd.



Shenzen, China

Handsome Garments Trading Ltd.

Handsome Garments Trading currently makes our Nanterre Shirt Dress. As they are a trading company, they work with select factories that match to the specific needs of the brand and product. They have been producing a wide range of apparel garments for years and are experts in their field. We have visited their factories in Shenzen and their owner, Mrs. Yeeman Wong, has also visited our team in Vancouver.

When we decided to produce this new travel dress, we were also still in production on the Go Travel Dress with Shanghai Dragon, so we had to look for a new partner. Luckily, our friend and consultant, who had just moved from life in the big city to one of BC’s most cherished small towns, was willing to make an introduction. She let Yeeman know that as Kosan is still a small brand, we might have small unit orders but that we should all meet in Hong Kong so we can explain our vision to grow together in the years to come. We did just that and the rest is history!