If something is wrong and it’s our fault, we will make it right.

That's our guarantee.

At Kosan, we’re all travelers and we know firsthand that your bag is your constant companion when you’re out exploring the world. When you invest in a travel bag, you expect that bag to go the distance with you - wherever that may be.  We built our business to help travelers prepare for their journeys, and if you’ve had a great experience traveling with a Kosan pack system, then we're both happy.

All of our products are built to last. We are working with the best factories and materials in the business.  However, stuff happens.

If you have a problem, let us know, and we'll fix it as best we can. We trust that you aren't trying to screw us over and hope to earn the same trust and respect from you. When something is wrong, we'll work together to make it right. It’s that simple.  

You won't get the “Grand Palace is closed”  (to borrow a common travel scam) runaround from us. We pride ourselves on being honest, transparent and fair. When you email us with a question or problem, you'll get a quick response from one of our team members who is traveler just like you, and will have the authority to fix your problem.

Our Warranty

The Kosan Travel Pack System warranty guarantees against defects in materials and craftsmanship for as long as you own the product. If your product fails due to a defect, we will repair it, replace it, or refund your money (at our discretion), depending on product availability.

Our warranty only applies to the original owner of the pack system.

You should know pretty early on if your Travel System has any defects. Defects are not common, and you’ll be able to tell after a few uses. Please let us know as soon as you know something is right. The sooner we know, the sooner we can fix it.

Kosan products are pretty damn durable, built to last and have been put to the test all across South East Asia. We literally sat side-by-side our factory partners and laboured over each minute detail of the bag. But alas, nothing lasts forever.

Most travelers need to replace their luggage every few years, depending on frequency of use. Your Kosan Travel Pack System will easily endure all of your travels during that time.

If you notice a return we’ll ask you to submit detailed photos of the defect for evaluation.


To Break or Not To Break...That Is The Question!

Zippers are the most common part of any bag to fail - it is a commonly known weak point. So for our bag, we’ve chosen YKK zippers, widely considered the best and most durable zippers out there.

Fasteners are also known to be a common failure point. That’s why we’ve chosen premium lightweight hardware. Not only does it look badass, metal hardware is bad ass.

Fabric can rip and tear...we’ve all seen that before! We’ve chosen ultra premium fabrics with military grade specifications to ensure that doesn’t happen. They are both water and abrasion resistant.

Travel is a lifelong passion - that’s why we’ve thought long term with each material used on the bag, and we didn’t cut any corners.



What is Not Covered

The Kosan Pack System warranty does not cover against damages resulting from improper use, abuse, negligence, accident or normal wear and tear. So what does "normal wear and tear" include? It includes damage to zippers and buckles that is expected due to normal use over time. All fabrics are subject to fading, tearing, or pilling with extended use. These are not considered defects and does not mean that your bag no longer functions.

Even the most durable products will need to be replaced eventually. For these cases, we have partnered with various factories partners so that you can send your travel system to an expert for any necessary repairs.

Kosan Travel System is a designed to protect your gear, but we are not responsible for any damage to, or loss of, the contents of your bag. This warranty is limited to Kosan products, not anything that may be carried in them. We trust you’ll understand!

Please contact us with any questions or problems.