We are Kosan, a small group of friends who love to travel. We started Kosan because we wanted to help travelers prepare for their journeys by making clothing and gear for world travel. And by world travel, we mean the kind where you submerse yourself entirely in new cultural experiences, which is at the heart of our business. 

To us, travel is about tasting new flavours, exploring history through museums and monuments (even if they’re buried in the jungle) and occasionally getting lost in a city, only to be found again, wiser, more confident and maybe even with a few new friends!  But mostly it’s about embracing and celebrating both our similarities and differences as a human race.

Our values are rooted in our DNA as world travelers. We’re minimalistic when it comes to packing,  and we believe that bringing too much ‘stuff’ is a burden and barrier to really connecting with a place. We believe it is important to dress appropriately as culture dictates for the places you visit, while also letting your individuality come through. Travel is a two way connection - we both learn and teach, and inspire while also being inspired.  The approach we take towards product design and field testing authenticates our bias for simplicity, moderation and character.

At Kosan, a deep love of different cultures, both near and far, demands our participation to support them. We are committed to donating our time, services and at least some portion of our sales to work side-by-side with the people and communities we travel to and the places we produce our products in. To ensure we are transparent in our pursuits, this includes both philanthropic projects as well as ethically and socially responsible sourcing.  

We are also committed to supporting travelers as they share in the life-changing experience of travel. We know firsthand that travel can change your perspective, and we believe learning to be more accepting and tolerating, and building more meaningful connections are all inherent parts of the journey. And because travel isn’t only about experiencing new things, it is also about sharing them, we encourage our travelers to then share their newfound knowledge and perspective with their friends and communities. Each of us can be an ambassador of travel, and inspire a stronger, more welcoming community of global citizens.

While we are still young as a company in the grand scheme of things, we are committed to stay true to our core values while creating both products and a positive experience that will help people travel the world.