We are Kosan, a small group of friends who love to travel and want to share the life-changing experience of travel with as many people as we can. We know firsthand that travel can change your perspective, and we believe that learning to be more accepting and tolerating, and building more meaningful connections are all inherent parts of the journey. And because travel isn’t only about experiencing new things, it is also about sharing them, we want to encourage travellers to then share their newfound knowledge and perspective with their friends and communities. Each of us can be an ambassador of travel, and inspire a stronger, more welcoming community of global citizens.

As part of this initiative, we are inviting travellers to take The Chicken Bus Oath. The oath is our commitment to effect positive change through travel. It's our pledge to be responsible and respectful travellers, and to leave the world in a better place than we found it. For every traveler who takes the oath, we will donate $0.25 towards the Kosan Travel Scholarship, which will be awarded to one lucky person to further their travel dreams (potentially worth up to $10,000). You will automatically be entered for your chance to win the Travel Scholarship upon taking the oath (contest details here). 

If you share in this belief, we encourage you to take the oath with us! 


I will travel often, with the chicken bus as my ride of choice. I will regard my passport as my diploma, and I will leave both sureness and comfort behind.  

I will travel with curiosity and awe, and bring with me nothing more than an open mind, open heart and willingness to learn.   Along the way I will shed habits and beliefs of old, to see, learn and grow with eyes anew.  

Hardship I will not fear, both my own and that of others of which I must face.   I will practice gratitude for each day and for each new experience.

I will cherish each place I visit, and will strive to leave them better than I found them.  

I will not be belligerent, even at the very best party, and I will respect other cultures and their customs.  

Each day I will celebrate diversity and kinship, and reminisce in wonder of days past and those to come.   

I will be open, aware and I will not fear the possibility of losing myself, knowing that I may well become a stranger to myself on an endless path to discovery.  

From America to Hanoi, Tehran to Lima, I will learn, to the best of my ability, what each culture encompasses; the values, the ideas, the dreams, the artifacts, the amenities and the traditions.

I will embrace my role as a transport, an ambassador and a voice-to-be.  

Transforming from tourist to wanderer, from outsider to local and from stranger to friend – I will create bridges where there were once none.  

This I choose, for I am a traveller. 

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