Field Notes (Set of 3)

$25.00 CAD

Never lose your memories or to-do list with an accidental spilled cup of coffee again. Field Notes Travel Journals are 100% waterproof and virtually indestructible. The perfect tool for keeping your travel itinerary safe. 

You may not test the limits of these notebooks, although we hope you do, but the map of Antarctica is neither hyperbole nor coincidence. We sent the Expedition edition to the South Pole with explorer Ben Saunders back in October 2013 as he and his team retraced Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s ill-fated journey to the Pole and back, on foot and unsupported.

Note: Synthetic paper is nonporous and does not absorb ink like our conventional papers. Ballpoint pens, pencils, or fine tip Sharpies work best. Of course, the perfect companion for the “Expedition” Edition is our Matte Black or Chrome Space Pen.