Women's Go Travel Rain Jacket
Women's Go Travel Rain Jacket
Women's Go Travel Rain Jacket
Women's Go Travel Rain Jacket
Women's Go Travel Rain Jacket
Women's Go Travel Rain Jacket
Women's Go Travel Rain Jacket
Women's Go Travel Rain Jacket
Women's Go Travel Rain Jacket
Women's Go Travel Rain Jacket
Women's Go Travel Rain Jacket
Women's Go Travel Rain Jacket

Women's Go Travel Rain JacketWaterproof, lightweight, breathable & packable! 

$280.00 CAD

Don't let a rainy day ruin your travels! This ultra lightweight and breathable mid length rain jacket has over 15 travel-friendly features that will make it your must-pack travel essential. It has a tailored fit and is made with a luxe nylon twill fabric that is waterproof, windproof and travel proof. Weighing in at only 14 oz., the Kosan Travel Rain Jacket packs into a convenient carrying pouch that doubles as a travel pillow

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Fit & Sizing

Body Measurements

- Slim fit skims your body. Size up if you are looking for a more relaxed fit.

- Nicole is 5’6 and is wearing a size S. Her measurements are 32.5” for the bust, 24.5” for the waist, and 35” for the hips.

- Please reach out to hello@kosantravel.com if you require assistance with selecting a size!

Care & Content

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The sound of rain needs no translation.

Last year when we were in Vietnam designing our original Go Travel Dress, we got caught in an epic rain storm. The kind where the skies open up and you're soaked to the bones in minutes, if not seconds. While beautiful to see, it really sucked. Some of us hadn’t even packed a rain jacket. Those of us that did, kind of wished we hadn’t. Our jackets felt gross and rubbery because it was just too damn hot and humid...it felt like we were suffocating!

After getting back from our trip, we went straight to our community and asked, if we were to design a travel rain jacket, what are the most important features you would want. The answer? Lightweight, breathable and packable, with a hood that actually worked. So, that’s exactly what we did.



Go Travel Rain Jacket

Ultra lightweight and packable, the Go Travel Rain Jacket is designed for the rainy moments you were expecting, and those that maybe you weren't. Waterproof, windproof, with 15+ travel friendly friend features, it's just plain travel proof.


Made from a best-in-class 3 layer fabric, we're serious when it comes to water resistance. Fully seamed sealed, the Go Travel Rain Jacket has a twill weave top coat, followed by by a waterproof membrane and additional DWR coating for an added layer of water protection. The inner layer is made of a soft, smooth and breathable tricot fabric. With a 10k water column rating, this means that the fabric remains waterproof if up to 10,000mm of rain falls on it at a steady rate. To put that into perspective, if you filled up Big Ben with water and drained it on top of our Go Travel Rain Jacket, you'd still stay dry!

A breath of
fresh air.

Wondering how something can be both water resistant and breathable? The fabric technology allows for 10,000mm of water vapour (basically your body heat), to escape through the jacket without letting any moisture back in. This will keep you dry, and will keep you from that icky, plastic bag feeling. The exterior of the jacket has also been finished with an anti-odour treatment, keeping the mouldy 'wet-dog' smell at bay.

is key.

Since we know that you have limited room in your suitcase and you need items that are versatile, we've made sure that the hood packs away into the collar for those times when it is isn't actually raining. It's easy to layer for those cooler days or unexpected drops in temperature. When it is actually raining, the hood has a built in visor and adjustable visor to keep you protected.

Travel friendly

The Go Travel Rain Jacket is super easy to pack and comes with a convenient carrying case that doubles as a travel pillow. There are reflective elements on the arm cuffs and back to keep you visible at night. And there's also an exterior snap that you can use to the clip the jacket to your bag to dry it out while on the road, or hang it off your hostel room door when you've settled in for the night.



- I went snowboarding with some friends and it was an unusually warm day, with a high of about 60 degrees. I wore the jacket, and it ended up being the PERFECT thing for snowboarding... the waterproof kept me dry from the snow/slush, the windproof was perfect for the top of the slopes, and because it is so lightweight, it was the most perfect choice for the temps of the day, I was able to easily layer underneath to keep me as cool or warm as I needed. The zipper pockets kept my phone/lift pass/credit cards secure as well. Very pleased with the jacket so far! - Rebecca K.

- I'm super happy with it! The blue colour is absolutely stunning, the fit is perfect (yay waist cinch strap) and it's so light! <3 Well worth the wait, if you ask me. Can't wait for summer and hopefully safer travelling days to come along now. - Anna

- Is it bad that I want the weather to turn wet just so I can test this jacket? So far I'm impressed with the fit - nice and long over my butt and hips, plenty of room for a fleece/jumper underneath, but still slim fitting and feminine with the option to pull the waist in. The collar is great - not too tight around my neck and it stands up enough tokeep cold chills or drips out. - Katie

- Jacket is well made and comes with little pouch to keep the jackets. Will back this company again if there is a chance. My wife and I loved the products. Great Job Kosan Folks. - AriesAffair